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Two years ago, Phil Hookway did something he’d always wanted to do, yet had put off for over twenty years, work for himself. As Phil puts it “I guess my story is typical of many Workforce Extensions Franchisees; I was comfortable yet not overly satisfied working for a large recruitment firm. It wasn’t until an even bigger agency took them over that I started to investigate all my options. I knew I wanted to stay in the Labour-hire and Recruitment industry, but did I really want to continue in a corporate environment? When I met with the team at Workforce Extensions, it gave me the belief that I could do this.”
Phil is loving being back in his home state and hasn’t looked back since opening the Launceston office in December 2018 and the Hobart office in 2020.

Recruitment Labour-hire Tasmania
Phil Hookway, Owner and Director of Workforce Extensions | Launceston & Hobart

Phil is the first to admit that there have been challenges, “when the cornerstone of your business is people, there will always be challenges, how you respond to these challenges is how people will measure you.
Safety is our number priority, our saying is – “Alert Today, Alive Tomorrow” and I’m incredibly proud of our safety record; we will not put candidates into an unsafe work environment. Even before we start working with a client, we will have visited their site at least once.

Having worked in labour-hire and recruitment for over 23-years and across a broad spectrum of industries, Phil finds that he can serve most industry sectors. “Our Launceston and Hobart offices are very active in Transport and Logistics as well as Civil and Industrial Construction. We don’t limit our service based on the industry if we feel we can help a client, we will”.

“My only regret in joining the Workforce Extensions network is that I didn’t do it sooner, I would have loved to have started this back in my 20’s or 30’s”.

Phil and his team in Launceston and Hobart receive rave reviews from clients and candidates alike. Phil’s contact details can be found here