Workforce Extensions | Brisbane CBD, their first year – going from strength to strength.

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When Debbie Carr and Tony Petchy first opened the doors of their recruitment agency, Workforce Extensions Brisbane, in October 2019, they were both filled with confidence. Who wouldn’t be with their outstanding career in recruitment! As Debbie put it “we were chomping at the bit not daunted in the slightest, but as the weeks drew on, seeds of doubt started to grow, but we kept striving, then on December 6, 2019, it happened, the first boots on the ground”, and they haven’t looked back since. In what has been a tough year for many, they have experienced week on week growth. “It took a while for people to realise that Workforce Extensions Brisbane CBD and Debbie & Tony were one and the same”, said Tony.

“Tony’s is our Ops person; he’s the perfect person for working closely with our clients. Coming from a Blue Collar background himself, he’s worked in our client’s businesses; he knows the skills and character a person needs to have, to succeed in the role and the company.
Meanwhile, I love my Account Management role, connecting with people and organisations where I know we will be of genuine service. Together, I think we make an incredible team” Debbie remarked.

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Debbie Carr and Tony Petchy. Workforce Extensions | Brisbane CBD

“Our north star is our clients; we are in constant alignment; we know what is happening in their business; as such, we are ready to mobilise when they are. Our clients know us and trust us, they know we’ll do what we say we’ll do, and that is the most important thing for Tony and myself”.

“Workforce Extensions is a franchised network; what we value the most of being part of a network is the financial backing, knowing that the National Office covers payroll each week is a tremendous support.
We’re also utilising the best software, my pick of the bunch would have to be Rates Calc, peace of mind for everyone, knowing that the correct award and rate is applied. Our clients and we also value the ISO certifications – 14001, 45001, 9001 – we practice what we preach.
We work across all types of recruitment, including Labour Hire. What many don’t realise about Labour Hire, is that they are engaging a casual worker whose payroll and HR management are managed by us. If after 6-months, there is a permanent need for the candidate, the candidate becomes part of the clients business, with no additional fee and trial period complete” explains Debbie.

Debbie and Tony are both proud Queenslanders, although Tony originally hails from NSW which only becomes an issue during the State Of Origin. Tony lives with his family on the coast, which is perfect for serves clients from the border to Brisbane. While Debbie, who lives in Brisbane, serves clients from Toowoomba to Brisbane. Together they serve South East Queensland with ease. Working across multiple industrial sectors, providing labour hire & permanent recruitment solutions to their clients.