The Right Attitude, The Right People.

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Yesterday hundreds of thousands of Australians faced a pay cut of up to $100 per week, as the employee wage subsidy program, JobKeeper, continues to recede.

JobKeeper was established at the start of the pandemic to encourage affected businesses to keep staff employed. And the Government is sticking to its plan to scrap the subsidy altogether at the end of March.

With demand for JobKeeper being lower than expected, coming in $10-million under budget, yet recovery proving to be slow for many businesses, industry groups are putting forward a strong case to the Government to extend the program with targeted industry support.

Nation-wide, our local franchised offices, are still encountering a mixed bag of candidates. People are applying for roles that they have no direct experience for; however, their attitude to work and willingness to adapt is what we recognise. We encourage candidates to take the initiative now and be gainfully employed before government subsidies dry-up.

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