Social connections through technology; bespoke to those in aged-care.

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Creating social connection using technology is hardly a new concept, and it can be a powerful tool. Last year the team at CollabCare combined two digital platforms, MemoryShare and FamilyShare, to increase engagement and improve general wellbeing among older Australians in aged-care.

Connecting older Australian’s to their past and providing vital social connection.

MemoryShare gives users access to familiar music, old family photos, home movies; proving stimulation and activating long-term memories in people with dementia. MemoryShare is fuelled by FamilyShare, a portal that allows family members to select and share images, movies, and audio. The platform is accessible to older users with the architecture meeting the audience’s requirements; thoughtful to the user from the selected colours, to the display size, to the audio provisions.

Last year a Melbourne based aged-care provider trialled the technology at two of its facilities. They found that it provided residents with independence, pleasure and engagement. Carers noted an alleviation in boredom, loneliness, and depression, which had a calming effect on residents, particularly those living with dementia.

Social connection is vital for all people, and technology can give people, particularly those in care, access to that connection.