How COVID-19 has already reshaped the future of Healthcare and onshore manufacturing.

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The pandemic has exposed many flaws in healthcare systems across the world, and here in Australia. Conversely, it has also highlighted and promoted many of Australia’s strengths.

The Australian Digital Health Agency, released data in June 2020, showing a significant lift in the use of the My Health Record system. Pharmacies, GP’s and public hospitals experienced the advantages of secure [medical] data sharing. Plus researchers acknowledged the benefit of having amassed data.

A survey of medical and allied health professionals showed that Telehealth is now broadly accepted by both patients and professionals. The view is that moving forward, both parties will continue to use this technology to some degree, and will be open to new technology.

The Federal Government is committed to growing Australia’s Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) production capability by providing support to innovative companies to manufacture the materials needed to make PPE. Australia will be more self-sufficient in a crisis, as well as create growth in the manufacturing sector, creating jobs and export opportunities.

Whilst the pandemic has revealed many flaws in our world, it has also opened our minds to new ways.