It’s a great time to be in recruitment!

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Employment centric government budgets coming thick and fast, with an intense focus on job creation.

It's a great time to be in recruitment

The Victorian budget shows a $619 million investment in it’s Jobs Plan aiming to have 200,000 Victorians back in work within two years. Plus a $250 million direct wage subsidy for employers who create new positions.

To boost employment in Queensland, the government has promised a $25 million boost to the Jobs and Regional Growth Fund, generating economic development and employment opportunities in regional Queensland. Plus an $8 million spend that focusses on youth employment.

NSW employment initiatives include a $250 million program to attract businesses to ‘set up shop’ in NSW; the aim is to create 25,000 jobs.
The state government is ploughing ahead with the Western Sydney Aerotropolis, launching a revised planning package, which is said to create as many as 200,000 jobs over the coming decades.
Plus a $300 million injection into the Regional Growth Fund, with the broad goal of developing the NSW economy.

Over in the west, where the impact of the pandemic has been soft, the focus is less on job creation and more on finding people to fill the jobs. For this, businesses are largely waiting on the government to open the borders.

These are not easy times; however, it is great to be in recruitment; each of our locally owned offices is proud to be part of the solution to grow employment. We want to share this optimism with our diverse pool of candidates who are ready to get back to work.