Investment in a burgeoning industry in Australia.

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Great to see the Federal Government putting funds behind the on-shoring of recycling and updating laws to cover ‘product stewardship’.

The Federal Government has committed $190m towards new recycling infrastructure, with funds expected to be matched by the states. The “recycling modernisation fund” will help build the infrastructure Australia needs to sort rubbish – reducing contamination and increasing the option for the waste to be made into useful products.

Estimates from the government suggest that this will help divert 10,000 tonnes of plastic, paper and glass waste from landfill and create a wide variety of employment opportunities within the waste and recycling sector.

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The government is also supporting manufacturers, as they change laws around ‘product stewardship’. They have promised a $20m fund to help businesses take greater responsibility for products across their lifespan. The intention is to ensure manufacturers and retailers take responsibility for the products they sell once they become waste.

Workforce Extensions, values investments that deliver industry and employment growth, and this government investment ticks boxes for the environment and for a burgeoning industry in Australia.