‘Every Customer’ – Phil McLean (Monbulk)

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I’ve been been working closely with organisations lately on the fundamentals of customer relationships / service and want to share a powerful gift from a very skilled speaker offering wit and wisdom on human behaviour. I trust you will find it as valuable as we have in our business.

Everything I know about good customer service, a full day seminar condensed to 5 dot points (courtesy of Phillip Hesketh).

  • Be Nice
  • Ask More Questions
  • Truly Care for Your Customer
  • Do What you Say you Will
  • Exceed Expectations

Obviously at the outset everybody, well most of us, think we are nice. But does it show in our language, voice, on our face and our body language? The words we use are about 7% of the ‘heard’ message we deliver. Tone, expression and body language make up the other 93%.

The heart of good communication is in the questions we ask and our ability to listen and hear. Open questions, requests for clarity and confirmation are keys to delivering great outcomes with customers.

Customer loyalty and repeat business is foundational to your success. How much do you really work at to make your customers’ experience memorable, in a good way? Find ways that show them you truly care and mean it.

We have all under delivered at some time on number 4. We all know the consequences on relationship, revenue and reputation. It’s a hard road back to make amends and win the trust again.

Giving a little more than expected. It may be as easy as a phone call, small things that are outside the norm, cost little and are easily maintained. If you are dealing with few customers but high transaction numbers find ways to mix it up a little to keep it from becoming normalized and costly.

I trust you find this useful.

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Phil McLean