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SME Drivers to Success

It seems the focus of ‘CUSTOMER FIRST’ drives many Small and Medium Enterprises in their desire for success. Most organisations look to deliver a great service or product to a customer whilst providing a great experience within a framework that is simple, clear and easy to navigate.

What could possibly be wrong with that?

Absolutely nothing unless ………. it is delivered by people who do not own and live out the key elements of customer service at every level of the organisation.

The Director, Managers and Team Leaders perhaps understand and own it. What about the people who actually deliver at the coal face? Sometimes for them, the customer gets in the way of them doing their job (check out their KPI’s).

The managers real task in this situation is to ensure the customers (their staff) are equipped to deliver great (paying) customer experiences at every touch point, every time.

So, how do we drive the Customer First principles into the core of your business?

First; each person ought to be able to articulate who their customer(s) is/are.

Second; each person should understand what it is that they need to deliver to that person / organisation, to score 10/10 in their role.

Third; staff should be capable of the delivery.

Forth; everyone in the picture needs to have the right resources to deliver 10/10.

Lastly, you should have clear feedback mechanisms for your staff and paying customers that celebrates success and realigns when the target is missed.

I trust you find this useful.

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Phil McLean