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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions that provide you with a brief overview of the Workforce Extensions Labour Hire & Recruitment Franchise system.

What is the nature of the franchise relationship?

The relationship between Franchisee (“you”) and Franchisor (“us”) is governed by a written contract which is our Franchise Agreement. Franchise agreements are regulated by the Federal Government’ under the Franchising Code of Conduct.

What is the upfront investment for a WorkforceXS franchise?

Depending on how you structure your business the setup costs will vary. As a starter you will need a vehicle, mobile phone, laptop and internet connection. Additional costs include legal and accounting fees, the cost of incorporating a company to own the franchise, any prepaid expenses such as insurance and some working capital. Assistance to finance some of these costs may be available where required.

How long does the Workforce Extensions franchise run for?

The initial term is 5 years. You have the option for another three 5 year terms – subject to certain conditions and the payment of any fees applicable at the time of extension – giving a total of 20 years.

Can I sell the franchise?

Yes, you have the right to sell on the open market at any time provided that we approve of the proposed purchaser. There are certain conditions that must be met, such as the buyer undergoing any necessary training. Full details are contained in the franchise agreement.

What initial training do you provide?

We are proud of our comprehensive training program, which will help you get to know our system right from the outset.

What work experience do I need to have to qualify as a WorkforceXS Franchisee?

We are seeking people with a proven track record of success in sales roles in the recruitment industry and who have a passion to own their own business!

What are the hours that I would be working?

Our offices are open 5 days a week. Most franchisees introduce a roster system that ensures a staff member is there to service clients from 7.00am to 6.00pm – Monday to Friday.

I specialise in a niche market, how would that work?

Let’s assume that you specialise in placing people in the IT industry.  On joining Workforce Extensions you should continue with your speciality and service the IT industry.  However if you wish to extend your scope, you are free to do so.

Are there any territory or market restrictions?

If you are successful in joining Workforce Extensions, you will be able to choose an office location that allows you to maximise the value of your network of contacts. Workforce Extensions franchisees are not limited by a geographic area for their operations. While there is no exclusive area for servicing clients, the franchisor undertakes not to establish another Workforce Extensions office within a certain distance of an existing franchisee. There are some restrictions in the way you operate your franchise which aim to protect your local area and your clients. While there is no exclusive area for servicing clients, the franchisor undertakes not to establish another Workforce Extensions office within a certain distance of an existing business partner office.

Can I use my own trading name?

While we have a well-established brand, our program does allow for the use of alternate trading names where circumstances or market conditions make this desirable. If this may apply to you, please enquire.

How are all the temp candidates employed by WorkforceXS?

As the owner of your Workforce Extensions franchise you will employ your own on-hired/casual staff through your business.

Who is responsible for workcover claims?

As each franchise operates as a separate business from which all on-hired staff are employed then you as the employment agent would be responsible for any workcover claims and associated debt. However the benefit of being a Workforce Extensions franchisee while facing such claims would mean that you have ready access to our team of expert IR, legal and workcover consultants. Furthermore we can provide you with financial support to assist with debt repayments.

How many franchised offices does WorkforceXS currently have?

At 2022 we have 29 franchisees located across Victoria, New South Wales, ACT, Queensland, Tasmania, South Australia and Western Australia.

Do all the franchisees work from offices?

Most franchisees have a dedicated office space but start-ups often begin from a home office.

Can I own more than one franchise?

Under the franchise agreement you can establish additional offices (fees and conditions may apply). This can be done without the need for taking another franchise agreement.

I have an existing business, can it co-exist with a WorkforceXS recruitment franchise?

Labour hire can be a valuable addition to the service offerings of many businesses.  Your database of clients may present a springboard into the labour hire industry which can benefit both your business and your existing clientele.

What are our ongoing fees and charges?

The fees and charges for our services comprise monthly franchise service fee, marketing fund contribution and software licences. These amounts will be discussed in detail with you, if you decide to move forward.

What do I get for the Franchise Service Fee?

The services we provide include:

Payroll and financial Services:

  • Payroll funding
  • Issuing payslips and payment summaries to all on-hired staff
  • Payroll, financial and sales reporting
  • BAS, PAYG and Superannuation payment calculations for temp payrolls
  • Assistance with budgeting and monthly P&L production

Debtor Management:

  • Invoicing all your clients
  • Financing your client debts
  • Debt collection and payment receipting
  • Regular debtor reporting
  • Debtor insurance (where available)
  • Credit assessment of client accounts.

Systems, Documentation & Processes:

  • Comprehensive operations manual including system, processes and documentation required for end-to-end recruitment
  • Regular network communications
  • Access to OHS/WHS/OSH advice through internal and external consultants (fees may apply)
  • Sales, IR and HR advice (fees may apply)
  • Quality certification including policy documents 
  • Provision of rate calculator
  • Ongoing training and industry-relevant webinars.

Tech Support and Software:

  • Access to industry-specific software for candidate and client management and payroll services
  • Access to cloud-based software and server hosting, allowing you to connect your desktop from any location (provided you have an internet connection)
  • Access to VOIP phones.

Marketing Support:

  • Brand, company logo and company website
  • Content and design support for various print, web and email campaigns
  • Managing the marketing fund.

General Support:

  • Sales and business coaching and advice
  • Unlimited phone and email support.

Please refer to the Franchise Agreement for a detailed explanation of our services.

What recruitment software do I need?

Each Workforce Extensions office uses FastTrack Recruitment Software, which is one of Australia’s leading recruitment software packages. This software includes candidate management, CRM, payroll services, e-timesheets and job posting modules.    

How does the marketing fund operate?

Your marketing contribution is paid into a fund. The fund is used to meet marketing and advertising expenses which promote the Workforce Extensions business and your local office. Examples: The Workforce Extensions website, Google Adwords, Yellow pages listings.

Can you recommend any resources to research this opportunity?

If you are interested in starting your own labour hire and recruitment franchise we recommend that you contact the Franchising Council of Australia. This organisation provides practical information, addresses frequently asked questions, provides a directory of member franchisors and service providers such as consultants, lawyers and accountants. Their website also lists franchise events scheduled around the nation and overviews our extensive franchise education programs.

How do I apply?

To take the next exciting step in starting your own Workforce Extensions franchise you’ll need to complete our Franchise Application Form. The form provides us with all the necessary information to review your application and determine if you are a suitable candidate to join our franchisee network. If we find that you meet all of our requirements then we will arrange a get-together between yourself and our company directors. To request a copy of this application form please contact us via email info@workforcexs.com.au, or via phone on 1300 664 862, or click on the button below to download a copy.


This information is intended as a guide only. It does not form part of our formal disclosure documentation and therefore you should not rely on it. Rather, you should refer to the contents of our disclosure document issued under the Federal Government’s Franchising Code of Conduct, which will be sent to you after you have lodged a formal application for the franchise.

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Rebecca Ponsonby - Workforce Extensions Ballarat Franchisee


The biggest benefit is the support network behind the business. I get extensive assistance with payroll and financing – I only have to give them a call.”

Rebecca Ponsonby, Ballarat

My wife and I have been Workforce Extensions franchisees in excess of 10 years. For us the decision to take the option to extend our agreement was fairly straightforward and was aided with the recognition that the ‘value adding’ by our business partners has set us on a path toward greater success. ”

Phil McLean, Monbulk

The Workforce Extensions branding gives our business credibility and recognition within the industry. As a business owner this allows us to concentrate on the consolidation of client relationships and the expansion of our company.”

Richard Carrabott, Bendigo & Castlemaine

The systems are top notch, not just all their technical systems but also things like their operations manual. It meant that I could just hit the road running and start selling.”

Ross Thompson, Nowra & Wollongong

It was their overall sense of being genuinely committed to my success as a recruitment business which made me feel confident in opening my own Workforce Extensions recruitment franchise. The benefit of being a Workforce Extensions franchisee is the support you receive from head office – you feel part of a larger organisation and that you are not alone.”

Vanessa Elias, Smithfield